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“The Ethnographic Museum is a cultural institution located in Belgrade, in the heart of the city, and it is one of the oldest museums in Serbia, founded in 1901; hence, it can rightly be called the keeper of the immense treasures of traditional culture.
The Ethnographic Museum has existed for more than a century as a significant ethnological institution that thoroughly studies traditional culture.”

The Ethnographic Museum has existed for more than a century as a significant ethnological institution that thoroughly studies traditional culture. Our museum is an active institution that does not allow reality to pass by. The Ethnographic Museum is an institution that deals primarily with classical museological activity, that is, the protection of ethnographic movable cultural property, but not only that. The professional museological treatment of objects in the Ethnographic Museum is comprehensive, and the Museum often expertly helps smaller museums process and preserve their holdings.

The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade develops all forms of museological and research work, which include collecting objects and sorting them into museum collections, researching and documenting field data, scientific research work and publishing professional and scientific texts, conservation and restoration processing and protection of objects, teaching and preparing exhibitions and other programs for the public. The Museum carries out its activity in organizational and work units as the basic parts of a unique work process.

The Ethnographic Museum began its own publishing business in 1926., when the first issue of the Heralds of the Ethnographic Museum was published.

Today, apart from the Gazette, the Ethnographic Museum regularly publishes catalogs of exhibitions curated by museum curators and containing important professional texts, guides through museum collections, scientific studies and popular literature on ethnological topics
The Center for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia was inaugurated at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade on June 20, 2012. The Center has based its activities upon the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003). The Assembly of the Republic of Serbia ratified the Convention in May 2010.

In a very dynamic period of social and economic changes in the world, local cultures are subjected to disappearance or transformation beyond recognition of their original motifs. It is precisely for this reason that the task of the Center involves not only research, cataloging, processing, storage, and presentation of the intangible cultural heritage in the territory of the Republic of Serbia but also assistance to local communities in the identification, evaluation, practice, and transfer of their own cultural heritage to future generations. The goal of the Center is to include intangible cultural heritage as an important resource within the project in the field of social and economic development.

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