Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Belgrade has a structured network of public transport including buses, trams or trolleys that can present an efficient way for a tourist to get around the city cheaply and quickly.

Navigation around the town can be sometimes confusing but there is a certain charm to Belgrade’s public transport. Although that charm is almost definitely on the gritty side of the spectrum. It will get the job done, so do not start thinking that it is to be avoided. Despite the mild pessimism, Belgrade’s buses, trams and trolleys are easy to use and provide decent enough ways to move around the city. Be sure to pay your rides and avoid usual rush hours.

Here is what you need to know about the Public transport in Belgrade.

Ticketing for the Public Transport is based on prepaid electronic cards Beogradska Kartica (a smart and contactless paper) which needs to be validated when on boarding the vehicle by placing the card against the reader.

Beogradska Kartica – Belgrade Public Transportation Card

These contactless smart cards are purchased at the kiosks around the city and are valid from the moment of purchase for 1, 3 or 5 days, except for night traffic between 00 to 04h. The price of the card is 40 dinars, on top of which you should add the price depending of the validity period (1, 3 or 5 days) and selected number of zones .

When entering the vehicle and at each transfer the card must be held against the reader until you get the confirmation verification. This will keep your ticket valid when checked by the ticket inspectors.

Day card
Zone1 i 21, 2, 3 I 4
1 Day250.00 RSD750.00 RSD
3 Days700.00 RSD1790.00 RSD
5 Days1000.00 RSD2390.00 RSD

Finally If you plan to stay longer, buy a plastic prepaid card which costs RSD 250 and you can refill the card upon your needs. To get from point A to point B, a ticket costs RSD 89 which lasts 90 minutes once you validate, that means that you can swap between as many buses, trams or trolleys within the same zone during 90 minutes.

1 day card costs RSD 250

3 day card costs RSD 700

5 day card costs RSD 1000

For further planning your journey and easy navigation in Belgrade use Google Maps.