Money and Currency Exchanges

Currency Exchange Office

Money and Currency Exchanges

The official currency of Serbia

The official currency of Serbia is the Dinar officially “RSD”. Major credit cards are accepted in all hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, even certain Taxi’s. However it doesn’t hurt to ask or check with the services provider. All ATMs accept international bank cards. Please note that fast food joints, street vendors etc. will not accept credit cards, so always have some cash handy for these situations.

You should only exchange money through the banks or the official exchange offices and not through street dealers. Note that banks have lower exchange rate then official exchange offices. The spread between buying and selling rates is 2-3 %. Official exchange offices will give you the best currency exchange rate without any commission fee, also, they are obligated to inform you, before the transaction, how much money will you get, and give you a receipt. If you think you got tricked, feel free to call the authorities. Look up for Logo of the certified exchange office or this sign or sticker below.


You should exchange any unwanted Dinars before you leave Serbia because most of the banks abroad don’t generally exchange Dinars.


There are plenty of ATM’s in Belgrade where you can withdraw cash 24/7 with your credit card. If traveling to smaller towns or villages, ATMs can be difficult to find, so make sure you have some cash with you. Please check for the exchange rate and additional fees before you accept the withdrawal of money, you can always cancel the transaction if you don’t agree with terms of rate and fee.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: Serbia imposes a rule that only allows you to take an equivalent up to €2000 out of the country. If you are bringing in a larger amount of cash and do not spend it all and then exit Serbia with more than the above-mentioned amount, you will have to declare it upon your arrival at the customs. You will obtain a declaration form which you must present at your departure. Failure to comply may result in the confiscation of all funds at departure!

VAT Refund

Before you purchase goods from Serbia, please ask if the seller has the VAT Refund form (REF 4 or Global Blue) to fill in and certify the form upon your request. The minimum amount for VAT refund of purchased goods is RSD 6.000, equivalent to €50 or US$60. The VAT is 20%.

Upon leaving Serbia, make sure that the customs approve and stamp the form so you can refund it within 6 months of the issuance of the bill receipt.  Please check additional information https://www.globalblue.com/tax-free-shopping/serbia/ .