Winter and New Year’s Eve in Belgrade 2023

New Year's eve in Belgrade

Winter and New Year’s Eve in Belgrade 2023

Spending the winter and New Year’s Eve in Belgrade can be a magical experience. The city, the capital of Serbia, is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant nightlife. During the winter season, Belgrade transforms into a winter wonderland, with festive decorations and lights adorning the streets and squares.

One of the highlights of winter in Belgrade is the city’s Christmas and New Year’s market, which takes place in the pedestrian street of Knez Mihajlova close to the main square, Trg Republike. The market features a variety of stalls selling traditional Serbian crafts, gifts, and souvenirs, as well as festive treats like mulled wine, hot rakia (plum brandy) and roasted chestnuts. You can also find a large Christmas tree, a carousel, and other attractions for kids.
Another must-see during the winter season is the Belgrade Fortress, a historic castle that overlooks the city. During the winter, the fortress is adorned with twinkling lights and offers panoramic views of the city below. You can also visit the Kalemegdan Park, which is located within the fortress walls, and enjoy a leisurely stroll among the towering trees and colorful flowers.

If you’re looking for more traditional Christmas activities, you can attend a church service at one of Belgrade’s many churches, such as the Cathedral of Saint Sava or the Church of Saint Mark. You can also visit the Museum of Yugoslavia, which hosts a special exhibition on the history of Christmas in Serbia.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Belgrade comes alive with celebrations and events. You can attend a concert or party at one of the city’s many venues, or watch the fireworks display over the Sava and Danube rivers. You can also enjoy a delicious meal at one of Belgrade’s many restaurants, which offer a wide range of international and local cuisine.

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Overall, spending the winter and New Year’s Eve in Belgrade is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture and traditions, and to welcome the new year with style and cheer.

Here are some New Year’s eve events:

New Year’s Eve Main Event at the Parliament Square

The last night of the year sees the romantic streets, elegant boulevards, and squares in Belgrade’s historic old town transform themselves into one giant venue for a loud, pulsating party. Around 500,000 revelers throng the New Year’s Eve Trail every year. In addition to the old town, the event plays out at the Parliament Square The New Year’s Eve Trail for younger generations begins in the city center on December 31, at 8pm with a varied program of live bands and DJ’s and admission is free.

Event at the Sava Promenade – Belgrade Waterfront

Visitors will sail into the year 2023 with the music of the most popular local performers – Željko Joksimović, Jelena Tomašević and Marko Louis. The best party in town starts on December 31 at 8:30pm on the plateau next to the Old Sava Bridge, on the Sava Promenade, and admission is free.

New Years Eve At the Belgrade Waterfront
New Years Eve At the Belgrade Waterfront

Love & Fashion in Belgrade – Event at Republic Square

The display of known Belgrade kiosks designs from the 60’s, the tobacco kiosk will be a place for selling books, The white kiosk is a DJ booth and K67 kiosk a place for selling famous food products from that period.

You can quickly feel love, fashion and new life habits of the people of Belgrade along with an exhibition of advertising posters with hostesses costumed in the uniforms and dresses of that era.

Event date: 28th – 31st December, 2022

Musical Square – Event at the plateau near the fountain on Republic Square

This place temporarily becomes the stage for various live bands playing from jazz to disco.

Event date: 27th – 29th December, 2022 from 6pm

Open air concerts – Event at the plateau next to the Museum of Contemporary Art

This place will temporarily become the stage for the famous regional and local and live bands and musical artist from the region such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Nikola Pejaković, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša and Kerber.

Event date: 30th December, 2022 from 8pm