Public Transportation in Belgrade


Public Transportation in Belgrade

Belgrade has a structured network of public transportation, offering an affordable and efficient way to explore the city with a bus, tram, or a trolley.

Belgrade’s public transportation is easy to use but hard to love, yet it has a certain charm. Don’t forget to pay for your rides, be prepared for crowds during rush hours, and keep an eye out for pickpockets.

Types of tickets

As of May 17th, 2023, users will be able to purchase Public Transportation tickets only by SMS message or in paper form through a new city transportation system called “Belgrade plus“. A new mobile application for purchasing public transportation tickets should be launched soon as well.

Remember, there are no card readers on the vehicles, so hold on to your proof of purchase, such as an SMS confirmation or a paper ticket.

And here’s a delightful surprise: all rides are free after midnight!

Disclaimer: Due to recent changes in the operator of the Belgrade Public Transport service, at the moment buying the Belgrade Card does not include Public Transportation.

SMS ticket purchase

For the moment, only those with a local SIM card can take advantage of the SMS ticketing service. By sending a SMS message to 9011, simply specify your desired ticket type and enjoy the ride. Here are the following ticket options:

90 Minute Ticket

90 minute ticket validity: For RSD 50 or RSD 100, depending on your destination, enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited travel within a single zone. During this time, feel free to hop on and off as many buses, trams, and trolleys as you like within the same zone and explore Belgrade.

ZoneSMS Text CodePrice
AA9050 RSD
BB9050 RSD
C(A+B)C90100 RSD
Timed ticket valid for 90 minutes

Once you have sent a SMS message with your desired code, you will receive a confirmation SMS message which looks like this:

viber image 2023 05 19 11 43 51 129 1

Do not delete this SMS message as it is your proof of purchase.

Daily Ticket:

If your stay in Belgrade spans few days, the most convenient choice is the 1 or 7 day ticket. Valid until 23:59, these tickets offer unlimited travel and provide exceptional value for a hassle-free transportation during your stay.

ZoneSMS Text CodePrice
AA1120 RSD
BB1120 RSD
C(A+B)C1150 RSD

Weekly Ticket

ZoneSMS Text CodePrice
AA7800 RSD
BB7800 RSD
C(A+B)C71200 RSD

Physical ticket

You can also purchase a physical ticket, however for the moment there are limited point of sales open Mon-Sat, while closed on Sundays.

Point of saleAddressMunicipalityMon-FriSat
GSP BeogradSkender Begova 47Stari Grad07:00 – 19:00 08:00 – 15:00
GSP BeogradTC Trg RepublikeStari Grad07:00 – 19:0008:00 – 14:00
JKP Naplata Prevozne uslugeKnez Mihailova 6 (2nd floor)Stari Grad10:00 – 18:0009:00 – 17:00
GSP BeogradDeligradska 10Savski Venac07:00 – 19:0008:00 – 14:00
GO Novi Beograd (Servisni Centar)Bul Mihajla Pupina 167Novi Beograd10:00 – 18:0009:00 – 17:00

Zones – Zone A and Zone B

zone javnog prevoza beograd 20231 768x722 1
Zone AZone B
Novi Beograd
Stari grad
Savski venac
Grocka (North of road 347)
Vrčin (Zaklopača)
Grocka (South of road 347)
Vrčin (part of)

Public Transportation Map of Belgrade

For further planning your journey and easy public transport navigation in Belgrade use Google Maps.

Check also this Belgrade public transport map created by architect Jug Cerovic


belgrade public transport bus map beograd mapa gradskog prevoza

Disclaimer: At the moment buying the Belgrade Card does not include Public Transportation.